Environment and Global Warming


Seychelles takes sustainability seriously, it is the focus of our environmental policy and how we’ve built our tourism industry. 50% of Seychelles is protected parkland and Seychelles features two UNESCO-protected world heritage sites: Aldabra Island and Vallee de Mai on Praslin.

Seychelles views global warming as an existential threat to our nation. As a small island nation Seychelles recognizes that global warming has the potential to end life as we know it on our planet. While it may not be apparent to the visitor, Seychelles has already begun experiencing the negative effects of global warming through damage to our marine environment and beaches, shorter and more intense rainy seasons and ocean acidification and warming. The former President of Seychelles, the Honorable James Michel has said, “When will the international community wake up to reality and put our efforts and resources to get a binding agreement to reduce global warming and sustain the survival of our planet?” View more information on our alliance with the European Commission on this issue here.

waterlevel climate change seychelles 1 - Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Seychelles to California and Hawai’i