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Are you Seychellois either living in or visiting California? The consulate and consul are here for you and to assist you with any questions you may have or issues which arise while you’re in California. Contact the consulate here.

Passport Renewal/Lost Passport

The Republic of Seychelles is now issuing biometric passports in line with passports used by most of the world’s nations. As such, all passport renewals for new biometric passports using the current non-biometric passport must be done in Seychelles at the passport office. Seychellois nationals renewing their old, non-biometric passports must come to Seychelles in-person to apply for and receive their new biometric passports. Consular and embassy staff can no longer facilitate the renewal or replacement of Seychellois passports unless the passport being renewed or replaced is one of the current, biometric passports. Renewing biometric passports in the future will not require a visit to Seychelles.

Requirements remain the same for a new biometric Seychellois passport – SCR750, birth certificate, ID card etc… The new biometric passports will be issued for ten years for adults vs. the current five years and will make applying for visas and other entry requirements much easier for Seychellois nationals.

Current passports are still valid and can be used up to the expiration date printed on the inside cover.

Lost/Stolen Passports – In the event a Seychellois passport is lost or stolen while the bearer is overseas, the consulate can issue emergency travel documentation to Seychellois nationals which will enable them to return to Seychelles. Contact the consulate through the emergency number if you require this service. Proper documentation (National ID card, copy of lost/stolen passport etc…) is required.


To arrange this service please contact the consul here.

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